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Welcome to Mumbai Fintech Hub


Our Vision

The vision for FinTech in Mumbai is to foster next-generation innovation that will enable financial empowerment and technological advancement across the entire financial services ecosystem to nurture globally competent FinTech firms. The aim is to bridge the gap between start-ups, financial Institutions, technology vendors, incubators, accelerators, and investors to accelerate deep technology innovation in the ecosystem.


State Policy

Directorate of Information Technology (DIT) studied the best practices in the FinTech sector with a focus on government and regulatory support to formulate the FinTech policy. Based on the study and given the vast potential of FinTech in the banking, financial Services & industries sector, the Cabinet has approved the first ever FinTech State policy with a view to promote the FinTech sector in the State of Maharashtra.
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The Accelerator, part of fintech policy, has been operationalised to activate the start-up ecosystem. The Maharashtra government is committed to support FinTech start-ups to foster next-generation innovation across the financial services ecosystem. 

The Mumbai Fintech Accelerator is a unique Public-Private partnership bringing together FinTechs, Industry experts, Financial Institutions, the Government of Maharashtra with a vision to create a Mumbai a global FinTech Hub. Mumbai FinTech Accelerator provides huge opportunity of collaboration between Fintech startups, financial institutions , VC/PE firms, Academic Institutions, experts and Government.


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Mumbai FinTech Registry is targetted to create a community of FinTech companies and enroll them on this common platform. Registry enables services to the global and local FinTechs, initiating support based model, where FinTechs and investors could come together on the common platform and exchange services. This facilitates the creation of a virtual hub among entities.

Startups, Financial Institutions, Corporates that are part of the FinTech ecosystem or that have a strong interest in financial technology can register with Mumbai FinTech Registry.

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Help new FinTech businesses

Increase Financial Access

FinTech Accelerator Program and Financial Inclusion Lab

Innovation Testing via APIs


Reimbursement of Internet and Electricity Charges

Reimbursement of expenditure towards Hosting Infrastructure 

Reimbursement of State GST 

Creation of Incentive Fund for Top-rated start-ups 

Reimbursement* of exhibition/globe at event participation Fees


Mumbai FinTech API Sandbox provides a common platform for Rapid API development to our stakeholder ecosystem.

  • Focus on empowering not on control

  • Promote experimentation over planning

  • Define simple or intelligent behavior

  • Import from API documentation

  • Instantly scale test environments

  • Common environment for Integration, Regression, and Release preview testing

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