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Technoviti and Finnoviti 2021 05 and 06th March 2021

05 Mar 2021 - 06 Mar 2021

Inviting BFSI, Fintech & Bigtech Professionals
At Technoviti & Finnoviti 2021! 

The Technology Innovation Carnival is back! We are glad to invite you to the 7th Edition of Technoviti 2021 & 9th Edition of Finnoviti 2021 scheduled on 05-06 March 2021. Here we have the entire BFSI & Fintech Ecosystems along with other related organisations globally.

We invite you to benchmark the global technology innovations and the latest trends into the global BFSI, Bigtech & Fintech ecosystem.

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Key Discussion Topic :

  • The Digital Transformation Next: Redesigning Financial Services
  • Customer Experience - What now? and Where next?
  • CEO Panel: Shaping the Financial Services NEXT
  • Fintrend Setters NEXT – New tech trends amidst the pandemic
  • Evaluating the key Funding & Financial Paradigms for innovations.
  • CEO Panel: Building upon the Unicorn NEXT & more..

Who all are invited:
CEOs, MD, COO, CTO, CIO, CDO, EVPs, SVPs Vice Presidents, Head IT infrastructure, Head Innovations, Head Customer Experience, Head Processes, GMs, AGMs, Chief Managers and Managers from Technology, IT & other related departments.


Ashish Verma: +91 98332 36943
Samatha Mestry: +91 88794 22283

Stalin Saldhana: +91 99201 16885 
Ramesh Vishwakarma: +91 74003 53037